Our Nebraska Wedding: Down the aisle I go!

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Now that our parents were seated, and Lance was patiently waiting at the front of the aisle, it was our wedding party’s turn to make their trek down!

To the tune of Married Life from the movie Up… played ever so wonderfully by our string quartet… our friends/siblings made their way to the front of the aisle.

As I patiently nervously looked on…

the final pair of our wedding party made their way to the front.

Then…finally…it was my turn!  The string quartet began to play the Forrest Gump theme song…and I tried not to cry my eyes out while making my way up the aisle with my Dad and Step-Dad .

Somehow I made it up there without totally losing it…it was close…but in the end I was able to pull it together!

Then finally…after 22months of being engaged…we were ready to seal the deal!!

Up Next:  Our Ceremony!

*all photos by Kabloom Studios