Don’t Mess With This Bride’s Ice Cream

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Or specifically for this girl? Her ice cream cake.

It took just one uninspiring cake tasting for us to decide that a regular wedding cake wasn’t for us. We knew early on that a traditional “cake-decorator-spends-hours-on-it-making-every-flower-under-the-sun-out-of-gum-paste” cake was not going to be something we’d like to spend a chunk of money on but we realized we needed to have something for our guests as dessert.

So, like I said, I attended only one cake tasting and was totally uninspired. On top of that? I refused to pay more than $4/person on something that we weren’t excited about. So, what WAS I excited about? Ice cream cake. I know I already blogged about our Maggie Moo’s cake and cupcakes here, so here’s the final product!

Ice Cream Wedding CakeIMG_4768

A smaller wedding cake for just the two of us…red velvet ice cream with a yellow cake base. Decorations were simple, just our monogram and vines from our invitations.

PS – I played keep-away with our wedding cake after we fed each other. Not the piece, the entire cake. Did that send a bad signal about how I don’t like to share? Will I be labeled as “does not play well with others?” It’s just with ice cream cake, I promise!!

For our guests? 5 flavors of ice cream cupcakes!


Sidenote: A fun fact about Maggie Moo’s? The company was co-founded by Juel Tillery and his wife! He is probably totally my cousin or something.

My friends have commented how amazed they are that Punam actually got photos of the cupcakes before they were devoured. They obviously didn’t sit out all night so as soon as they were brought out, the DJ made an announcement that there were ice cream cupcakes. First, a nice, organized line formed to get some, but VERY shortly after, it was absolute MAYHEM. Ice cream cupcakes=success.

One of the best ideas ever! Are you doing a non-traditional wedding cake?

*All images by Punam Bean