Dressing the Ladies: the saga continues

Before I continue the BM dress saga…I wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my last post!  I was truly overwhelmed by the response…I literally sat down with intentions of continuing the BM dress story…but instead that is what came out.  I guess it was just on my mind.  I appreciate hearing all your comments and I actually related to each one in some way or another!  So thanks for sharing your thoughts and stick around…we’ve got 8 more months together!

OK…so where were we…OH YES…I had just decided against the lovely plum dresses from Nordstrom and started the hunt for the perfect BM dresses…again.  That’s when fellow bride blogger Abbie emailed me the cutest dress on Etsy!

Behold…the Amanda Archer Pleated Collar Dress:


oh and what’s that I see…it comes in violet??



I LOVED this dress…and once I found this pic on her blog I was positive it would be the one…



I loved the look of the violet and lilac dresses together.  I instantly emailed Amanda to get more info about custom orders for bridesmaids.  Everything she said sounded great…each BM could send in her measurements and Amanda would post a custom listing on her Etsy site for them.  I had Amanda mail me a swatch of her different purple color options so I could see the color/material for myself!


pic from author’s personal collection

All excited…I emailed the ladies with the good news…I had found THE DRESS!!  Well apparently my BMs do not check their email as often as I do…because I only heard back from a couple…and they liked it.  Slowly but surely…email after email with info and more info…I got almost everyone to agree “yes” that this was a cute option and would be perfect!

That was until one of my BMs emailed me with ANOTHER possible dress option…and well…I couldn’t really argue because it ended up being a dress that I liked from the very beginning but had dismissed it because of the price (I was hoping to keep the dress around $150 or less)…but now it was on SALE…

sorry…but you will just have to wait till part three for big BM dress reveal!!