Dressing the Ladies: We Have a Winner!

Alright…we had the beautiful plum v-neck dresses from Nordstrom that didn’t make the cut… and then came the super cute purple and violet dresses from Amanda Archer that won my heart at first sight.

But then…then came Jcrew.

pic from Jcrew via Green Wedding Shoes

Tried and true, gorgeous and simple…BM dresses from Jcrew.  I remember when I first ran across the Spring 2009 line (yes way back in February 09) I fell in love…IN LOVE!… with the halter dress in the above image!  So stinkin’ cute no?!  I remember thinking 2 things… it is way too early to be looking at BM dresses…and oh wait…the price…yeah not so in love with that.  I realize Jcrew dresses are pretty darn reasonable but I know my ladies and I really didn’t want them to break the bank just to look fab at my wedding.  So…I just sorta “forgot” about this cute number.

That is until BM-N sent me an email…the dress I loved so much was on SALE!!

Jcrew dress

…and in lavender!!  How could I say no to this!?  In fact…I did what any bride-to-be would do….I looked at ALL the dresses on sale and found 2 more options in the same material and color…

dresses from Jcrew

Needless to say I was excited!  Not only 1 or 2…but 3 lovely options for my bridesmaids to pick from…and all at unbelievable prices!!   BUT it is a SALE…and we all know how stuff on sale goes…FAST!  So I emailed all the ladies with the new options…and they must have loved them as much as me because they all got back to me pretty quick and said YES LET’S DO IT!

I was a little worried about size/style/color availability so I emailed the infamous Jcrew wedding expert “ashley”….I wasn’t sure if she would even talk to me seeing how I was buying sale dresses…but she did (well actually not THEE ashley…) and she was soooo* helpful!  I think I emailed and/or called her once every day until all my ladies had the right dresses in the right size/style in their hands!

I love that each one of my BMs got to pick the style they liked best and would feel the most comfortable in…in fact here is exactly what they will look like!!

dresses from Jcrew

well except they will have heads…and legs…obv.  Cute mix huh?  I LOVE it!!  Well mostly I love that they are all happy and really like their dresses…and this task is DONE…thankyouverymuch!

So how many bridesmaid dresses did you go through before finally settling on the one(s)?!?  Any other Jcrew brides/bridesmaids out there??

*Seriously…the lady that helped me was awesome…if you plan to go through Jcrew I highly suggest calling/emailing their wedding expert department for any and all questions you have.