A Honeymoon, Some Lanterns, and Hair Candy

With four months to go, we’re moving full steam ahead! Here’s a post to catch you all up on what’s been happening in my neck of the woods.

{Photo from here}

After a long debate and many nights of arguments ending in “harumpf!”, we booked our tickets to Japan for our honeymoon. We plan to spend 10 days, half of them in Tokyo, half of them in Kyoto. (For anyone who is researching honeymoons, the ladies and gents of EAD suggested some fabulous locales in this post!) The honeymoon, by far, has produced the most amount of conflict in our relationship out of any other aspect in the planning process. We weren’t seeing eye to eye on many things.

Mostly I was getting stressed out about our dollar not stretching in more expensive cities that he wanted to visit, and I really did not want to stay in hostel-like conditions on our honeymoon to compensate for high airfare prices. He finally swayed me by promising no hostel-like conditions (still to be determined where we’ll stay…), sending me a ramen guide from the NY Times, and noting that I would get to 1. visit the Studio Ghibli Museum, 2. see some Hiroshige prints that I studied in college, and 3. be surrounded in kawaii. I started to get excited too, despite all the arguing and hair that was pulled. Maybe I’ll see you there Abby!

[Lantern from Luna Bazaar]

We chose lanterns! We decided to do all three colors and one print. Thank you to Abbie for the suggestion, and to everyone who contributed their opinions. I think they are going to look really pretty over the dance floor.

[Seafoam hair pin set from Handle and Spout]

I won’t be wearing a veil and have been searching for a fun hair accessory to add to my hair. I knew when I saw Handle and Spout’s cute hair pins that they would be perfect for our colorful, casual wedding. I just purchased the seafoam hair pin sets for my sisters, and the pink set for myself. At $35 a set, they were much more budget friendly than some of the fabric flowers or feather hair pieces I have also been drooling over.

Whew-we still have a long way to go, but we’re getting there! Summer brides–how are you doing with your planning?