DIY Thank You Cards

About a month ago I made thank you cards. Lots and lots of them. With lined envelopes, of course. I love sending paper cards. Writing them feels a little decadent, and opening the mailbox to a pretty envelope makes my day. Some of my friends send wonderful mail, so I have a set standard already.


I again used the pewter design from our invitations, and a calligraphed “Thank You” drawn by my talented friend Amy. Then it occurred to me to snag our return address from our keepsake invitation envelope.

There’s two easy steps to that kind of piracy: 1) ask your calligrapher for their permission first 2) once you have their blessing, take a high-quality digital photo, as straight-on as you can. Then use any photo editing software to up the contrast and brightness until you have a clean image of the text.


A few Gocco screens and much embossing powder later, I was very excited about writing notes. Which made it easier to knock the shower ones out right away. There’s a small trick to the embossing, too. Right after a Gocco press, shake embossing powder over the wet ink. Flick off the extra, and set it aside. When you run out of table space, fire up the embossing gun for the whole batch.

What did you do for thank you notes? Do you think it’s impolite to print Thank You on the front? Some people do. You can say so, I don’t mind – I’m still blissed over the calligraphy.