Catching Up!

OKAY! Starting Monday, I am going to be resuming the recaps of the vow renewal!  I’m SO excited to have some pictures to share with you now.  :)

But first thing’s first.  One new photo – you guys deserve it for being so patient!  I dare you to tell me I don’t have the cutest dog on the planet.  Check out the flying ears, the PERFECT centering of his walk (run) down the aisle, his *almost* straight bow tie, and the look of intensity on his adorable furry face!

dog ring bearer
{Jessica Claire}

In anticipation of Monday, let’s catch us all up to where the recaps will resume, shall we?

To welcome our friends and family to Atlanta, we created out of town baskets full of bottled water, snacks, a DIY welcome/do not disturb sign, and a folder containing all of the information that they would need for the three days of events and my adorable Laura Hooper map.

{Images courtesy of Jenna}

The girls all had some fun at a mani/pedi party before the hubby and I headed to Turner Field for a photo shoot with our three amazing photographers: Jessica, Michael, and Mark.

{Jessica Claire}

{Michael Norwood}

{Mark Brooke}

Fun was had by all at the Welcome Party, held in the 755 Club (part 1, part 2):

{Image via Feisty Tourist}

{Jessica Claire}

{Jessica Claire}

{Image via Jenna}

{Image via Feisty Tourist}

The morning of our vow renewal, guests were treated to biscuits and apple butter from an Atlanta favorite, The Flying Biscuit.

{Image via Jenna}

**All of these posts were designed to take you through the event as if you were a guest, so the recaps will continue in that vein, hence me jumping to the venue before you see me getting ready!**

A big DIY project was to light the outside of our venue.

{Mark Brooke}

{Jessica Claire}

Some smaller projects were the DIY coat check tags

{Image via Jenna}

… and the bathroom baskets.

{Image via Jenna}

You’ve also seen a clip our amazing ceremony musician, Ches Eaton, and read about our ceremony music choices.

Last but not least you have gotten a sneek peek into the whole event by seeing our unbelievable same day edit video from our amazing videographers, Simply Cinematic.

Whew! So there we are – that leads us to Monday, where we will start up again.  I’m SO excited to finally share the details of the day with all of you!