The Evolution of a Floor Plan

Sorry for the absence in the recaps everyone!  I’m really hoping to have my full disc of pictures soon to show you but until then, some logistics!

Ah, the floor plan.  With only 50 people, you would think that this would’ve been one of the easiest things about planning my reception.  However, because of the food stations we had, the bar, and my requirement for a very large dance floor, it proved tougher than any of us imagined!  Here is where we started, with 9 round tables.


As you can see, this left me with a VERY small dance floor, approximately 10 feet in length.  Completely unacceptable!  So I used trusty Photoshop and popped out this baby.


This nearly doubled my dance floor.  However, my caterer was wary.  He did not like how close to the kitchen doors and the food stations the tables in this floor plan are.  Back to the drawing board…

Estate seating was an idea that my planner proposed and it intrigued me.  But because our centerpieces are low and lush, I wasn’t sure if it would work.  We started playing with table arrangements to see if things fit better.  Version one had a placement of rectangular tables.


Then Kim pointed out, correctly, that the centerpieces I wanted would not work with single-wide rectangular tables.  Argh!

Next up, some double-wide estate tables.


We’re getting there but still not perfect.  So back we went to Kim’s first novel idea – two long double-wide estate tables.


I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about positioning and the room looking too geometric.  But I think it turned out wonderfully.  :)

Here is a little sneak peek of the reception – lots more on that to come soon!

{Jessica Claire}

Did you have any issues with deciding the layout of your reception?

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